Morning Permissions

  • Not to make lists.
  • Listened to the Bubble Hour while keeping the yoga tape on mute.
  • Skipping each 3rd set!!!!! Which I then used the time to:
  • Get on the treadmill (still listening to Bubble Hour) and I programmed in my correct age, weight, time & max speed AND discovered that my walk was doable. It pushed me just enough that I want to do it again!
  • My stomach is a hot mess so I am avoiding fiber. Two saltines and pb was all I could tolerate. I give myself permission to NOT judge my food today.
  • I am moving into a new office and location today. When I picked up the keys last night, there isn’t heat or a locking door. I give myself permission to NOT declare a crisis. Simply keep moving forward.
  • Permission to NOT drink as a solution. I am soooo grateful to not be hungover this morning and moving in below zero temps.

7 thoughts on “Morning Permissions

  1. I love the idea of giving yourself permission. Permission to succeed! I’m going to use it all day today, although I am also in a cold house with iffy heat pump. I’m here to get a jumpstart on work, and I give myself permission to succeed. 💕


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