No Heat Saga


Yesterday BOTH offices had no heat, followed by what we thought was a burst pipe. It wasn’t, but I have water damage AGAIN. If you are thinking of calling for a tax appointment. Don’t. Tax preparer freaking out. LOL

Dealt with everything, didn’t judge my food, asked for help, received it, fell asleep watching Robot Chicken Christmas Special at 7:00. Teenager woke me at 7:30 and tucked me in bed. Up for the day at 2am and back to work with space heaters until the new boiler is installed.

No alcohol = No tears & no meltdown

Off to slay more dragons today…..

6 thoughts on “No Heat Saga

  1. Last January our boiler spent a lot of it in a dissembled state being occasionally either part or fully assembled before depositing gallons of water all over the engineer and being dissembled again!
    Warmth suddenly is something you become consciously grateful for.

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