Hiding the Wine Goblet


Emptying out the new dishwasher my son showed me how he pushed the wine glasses back where I couldn’t reach them. HAHA Very funny, I said. Besides showing off how much taller he is than me, he sent me a not so subtle diss.

Both my boys have been involved in my decision to not drink. They have watched me succeed and fail. And most importantly, they have watched me try and try again. They definitely get that it’s hard to quit!

They give me the kind of encouragement that I like. One quick little statement and then acceptance. Understanding that adults get to make their own choices, good or bad.

I have shown them that same respect too. Several years ago, I asked my son to watch his feelings and behavior after he drank pop. He now tells his friends he is sober from soda for 3 years. I brought home some gorgeous cupcakes that I had been given as a thank you gift, and he wouldn’t even take a bite. He said he can’t eat rich food like that anymore. And it’s true for him! (I cant believe I even said – come on, one bite won’t hurt!) He can say no because it affects him differently than others. No big long reasons or excuses or even pressure from his mom.

Explaining to my other son that the ‘wine glass’ isn’t really a wine glass at all, it’s a very pretty (Pioneer Woman purple) water goblet. I asked him to move it back to the front and I told him I would use it for water from now on. (And I have!) I can’t change his mind about how he feels about my wine glass but I can show him that I will keep trying once again.

8 thoughts on “Hiding the Wine Goblet

  1. I love the post right up to the “keep trying” part. I don’t know what it is about that sentence, maybe it’s too weak, but it doesn’t sit right. I wish I could describe how I read that sentence with my eyes a little better…

    We’re tougher than just trying. Ya know?


  2. Mrs. Drunkerly

    I’ve been contemplating talking to my oldest about my drinking. I feel that he’s the one who has been hurt the most by my drinking. He’s also the only one who seems to give a shit about how I’m feeling. Then problem is that I don’t want to be a burdon to him as he had so many other hurdles to get over the past few years.


    • My kids were quite surprised when I told them. They were just wrapped up in their own kid stuff. I felt better just telling them one line, not a bunch of the how’s & why’s. I believe it’s secrets that hurt families and relationships.


  3. Hug
    It sounds like perhaps a new glass for water would be a better choice. Maybe all the wine glasses should go in the garbage?
    Your son sounds quite astute and determined.
    You can do this.


    • Wine glasses are gone. This really is a big water goblet! I got it for water after I donated the wine glasses three years ago. Lol Though, maybe another new glass could be fun….That would be a good inexpensive reward to myself.

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