Three Doors Article


Read a great article this morning

What would I do if I knew I couldn’t fail?

  • Not care if other people looked at me gardening in my yard.
  • Fence in my yard.
  • Fix my front porch.
  • Trade cars.
  • Quit drinking.
  • Spend money on clothes.
  • Get regular mani/pedi.
  • Feel comfortable that people are looking at me! (And they tell me they are…I saw you mowing…I saw you gardening…I saw you walking the dog..I saw you out washing the car…small town is crazy!)

It’s always interesting to just free flow thoughts!!

People actually look at me all day long, but I don’t worry about how I look at work because I am confident there. They have come to purchase my intellect. (I used to hide my IQ since smart girls didn’t have boyfriends.) I am finally at peace with my brain and it shows. Clients comment often on my passion for numbers, something they despise.

I would love to find that same confidence about my body!

So how does that free flow thought process tie to Door #3?

I’m pretty much a Door #2 girl. I get a lot of pleasure from taking care of others, but reading the Door #2 definition sounds not so good. I’ve been noticing how much I will need to let go as my son moves out in a couple months. Who am I without the constant care for my special needs son? (My younger one is quiet and doesn’t demand the high intensity of the older one.)

There is a sense of relief for sure. But a definate disquiet about how much I have put on hold. It’s waking up a feeling of “Who am I?” “Who do I choose to be?” “How exactly do I want to spend the hours of my day?”

In two weeks I will only be working 12 hours a week (two short 6 hour days) for 8 months. That’s a lot of alone time! It’s scary and exciting all at once. I have been working to create this lifestyle and now it’s here. I want to be a Door #3 girl. Confident and adventurous and taking care of myself first.

5 thoughts on “Three Doors Article

  1. I used to work in a chrome plating factory. I hated it. One day, my wife wanted a cat condo so I bought a saw, a hammer and some wood.

    Twenty years later I own a construction company.

    Just start. You never know where it’ll take you.

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    • I try to remind myself that I say that stuff to them too, just to prompt a conversation. Now if I can just internalize how you put that, instead of having that awkward feeling of being judged!

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