Not feeling Feelings today


Don’t feel like writing about ginormous feelings this morning. I did a bit of meditation and the angst of over-thinking calmed. I’m always shocked where I locate the tension in my body. This morning it was ankles, shoulders and my tongue. Weird!

Yesterday at work we had a baby shower/pizza lunch with one of my staff who had her baby. Normally we lunch together every month all year whether working or not. We realized we had gone an entire year! (due to babies, jobs, vacations, etc.) We laughed until we cried & peed our pants. OMG I have so missed girlfriends, and I have missed laughing!

13 days left of tax season. I know because I have a big outdoor countdown sign at each office!! People walking in or that have driven by love it. It still feels like forever to me.

Finished 4 days sober and it’s been a little tough. It’s why I write every morning, even if it’s boring. It helps me stay here.

3 thoughts on “Not feeling Feelings today

  1. mishedup

    “even tho it’s boring it helps me to stay here”…exactly! Like the talking to other alcoholics, like any work we do to stay sober. It can get very boring, but the outcome, a life free from alcohol snd all of it’s attending angst, is so worth it.
    Keep it up!

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