“Working hard for something you don’t care about is called stress. Working hard for something you love is called passion.”

And as usual, a book appears on my library hold list that is also about passion. It’s an old Kristin Hannah fiction book, but the theme is women/moms finding who they are and what they love. Not like loving other people, but like loving yourself.

These last two years I have positioned myself to move from a place of scarcity to a place of having enough. This is the summer of ME.

I’m settling into the idea of having the freedom to not look at a price at the grocery store and wonder if I have enough in the bank. I’m dreaming of some home projects, some travel, to not want to spend to replace an empty feeling. It’s very empowering.

The grief that was so strong is loosening, simply because of the passage of time. There is still lots to come as I untangle the remaining pieces, a joint bill, a trampoline, a ladder, some leftover things. But I’m looking forward now, not back.

My physical body is a wreck. I had ordered a Fitbit a month ago and got to open it yesterday as a reward. My weight watchers app is back open and I got to tie the two things together.

I spent the snow day yesterday, reorganizing and choosing new backgrounds for my phone and Nook. I watched 3 movies. I’m getting excited to chose my own day instead of being bound by appointments and office hours.

I love that opening quote. Anything can be a passion. It’s about attitude.

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