Me: Why don’t you worry about that when you get home from school?

Very Angry Son: Mom, you don’t understand how WORRY WORKS !!

At first he was excited to move out and get a job and now he is panicking. I have to kick this child out for his own good. And for mine too. He absorbs all the energy of this home. My other son is going back in his shell, and all the progress from last summer’s therapy is slipping away.

This is why I chose to cut back on work. I want to finish strong with parenting. For one son I still need to lead, for the other I just need to be the guard rails.

4 thoughts on “Worry

  1. There’s a reason they call it “God’s holiest of callings.” Guardrail duty is so difficult. I didn’t know how to be strong but empathetic. I took on their pain instead of doing the things necessary to help them, which made us both helpless. Drinking numbed my pain but not theirs.

    Sending you and your sons prayers, Lori. 💕


      • It is a struggle at first. I really do think words have the power to heal. I immersed myself in drinking memoirs and blog posts for years, sort of preparing myself for sobriety. Those non-drinking days add up to huge progress, even if they’re not continuous. You are not failing, you are taking baby steps toward sobriety. 💕

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