Getting Rest & A New House


After finally getting a day or two of quiet, the urge to drink has also quieted. I tried to remember my last day of drinking but I couldn’t. Then I decided to not think about it and just keep going forward.

I put an offer in on a house, but not for me, for my 18 year old son. When you can save $6000 a year owning, versus living on campus and putting housing expenses on a student loan, it was a no brainer for me. I gave the boy life, but I will not give him student debt. (I see the destruction it brings to 30 and 40 year old lives. They are unable to move forward and create wealth with the giant burden of “good debt”.) When my son finishes his tech school we can flip the house or he can keep it. He (I) will have made money instead of debt. His rent payment to me will be his down payment.

So how do these things tie together? When I got rest, I stayed sober. When I was rested and sober, I believed in myself. When I got my confidence back, I trusted myself to make a decision. When I made the decision, my heart and my gut were filled with passion. When my mind is busy with things I love, I don’t want to drink and mess that up.

5 thoughts on “Getting Rest & A New House

  1. You described that perfectly! That’s exactly how it happens for me. I don’t want to mess up what I’ve been able to create while sober. And I LOVE the new house idea. My son is working while in school and paying A LOT in rent. I’m going to look into it. (Can I just house him with my aging parents? 😀)

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    • I did think of that! If gma & gpa didnt live so close to us it would have been great! If it all goes thru, he will get a fully furnished, including riding lawn mower, for $230 rent to mom. (Owner is moving to care center & can’t take anything) And then he can move on with his life. I think the dorm life for him would be just like really expensive high school. Lots of fun, but just prolonging becoming an adult.

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