My 5th Year Blogging


“Oh what fun it is to write….in a one horse open sleigh…”

‘Tis the season for fun & merriment! What a different person I am from the beginning. So much happier. What was the biggest change? Breaking out of the isolation.

First I began writing in the web instead of on paper. My words found friends. Then I started walking out my door. The first couple times I could just stand on the patio with the dog. I’ll never forget that feeling when I walked off the patio, across the grass and made it to the sidewalk. After the third person waved to me I could barely catch my breath and got back in the house. But I had done it! I got up to 5 minutes standing and walking on the sidewalk in front of my house and then finally made it around the block! I still can’t go in the grocery store here, but a new general store was built and I can go in there so I don’t have to leave town if I need anything.

Next I talked with humans about this sober thing. Face to face took a lot of courage! It still does! but it’s sooooo much easier. Therapy, lots of blogging and self-care all were important tools in learning to not isolate.

After that my Year of Yes made me challenge the uncomfortable. Now I readily say yes to new things! In fact, I may have to rein this one in a bit. I’ve said yes to eating and relaxing just a wee bit too much. I’m uncomfortable in my skin but my head is happy. But what a gift to finally say yes to life.

With my 6th year of blogging coming up I’m in a good place to make some changes. My kids at 19 & 16 are done with the care-taking years. They have cars and that eliminates me having to arrange my schedule around them. Freedom, theirs & mine! is a pretty great thing for my new year.

3 thoughts on “My 5th Year Blogging

  1. rubytuesday18

    What a wonderful 5 years, like a butterfly emerging. I agree with the saying yes part, I too said yes when I should of said no a few times but it stretched me and made me realise what I don’t want! I’m planning a year of having a think before I say yes and saying no too!! My second year of sobriety starts soon . So grateful I got the chance to say yes to that! Happy holidays xxx


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