Word of the Year:

2015 – Create

2016 – Do-er (Year of Yes)

2017 – Rest

2018 – Permission

2019 – Change

Oh my gosh, I’m so excited!!! I have been plotting and planning this for a month now. I have pages of journal notes and am so excited for the new year that I started this morning!!!

Thanks to Oprah and her old soul series, I heard a woman say she took some time off to rest….It took her 5 years. I think that was one of the most powerful statements in my life. I am an energizer bunny type. Just keep going. Dazzle them with bullshit. Energy creates energy. Faster is better. More efficiency. Streamline. Organize.

These last 5 years I have taken time to focus on what I want, not what others need from me.

Create – was a time that I took ownership back from being a victim. I created spaces in my home that were not leftovers from a divorce. I created phrases that gave me back power – when I bought my house (even though it was purchased together) My children, I am single (not divorced). I started creating my life without alcohol as well.

Do-er – meant getting things done. Not plotting, planning & creating but doing. I also read Shondra Rhimes book Year of Yes. I began to say yes to to new experiences. I truly stretched my limits.

Rest – was a time to slow down and reflect on the direction I wanted to take in my life. I had become my own person and was really owning what that meant. Rest was a time to pause, reevaluate and reflect before pushing forward again.

Permission – was all about freedom. I really looked at the “rules” that I was living by. I set new boundaries for myself which were much less rigid. I failed and succeeded both beyond where I thought I could go.

Change – is going to be about *challenge everything* I’m looking at mostly physical changes such as moving to a new town and taking better care of my appearance. If I find myself saying I need to… I want challenge that thought. I need alcohol to drown out the noise, I need to cover every hour of work, I need to buy whatever so things will be easier.

I’m really putting it out there this year. I’m looking for ways I have limited my thoughts and beliefs. I want to push myself. I want to change.

18 thoughts on “WOTY – 2019 CHANGE

    • It’ll come. At 2am or during a meditation pose it will pop up and you will know for sure! Or make up a word like I did one year – do-er is so NOT a real word. Lol Then I read the Year of Yes book and do-er became yes. In other news, my boyfriend (or now just friend) has ended up with ptsd and it is such a rocky place to be for him (And me!) So I’m diving right into Change! He needs space to heal and as the world’s best caretaker that’s hard for me.


  1. Jaime

    Really glad you’re writing again, Lori. I need to do same, but at the end of my rope with my boss and work. My boss is so draining these days.


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