Stress – Now vs 10 years ago


I’m doing the Annie Grace 30 days for fun…(and sober reasons). The lesson today was on resentments and every blog post I read today was too – even quoting the same quotes! Lol

But, as I was working on my resentments and why alcohol doesn’t relax me, I got to thinking about where I was ten years ago….. Before I every tried (seriously) not just the next hungover morning, to quit drinking.

Am I perfectly sober? No.

Am I relaxed & stress free? No

Am I better than I was 10 years ago? Ding, ding ding! Absolutely!!!!

Just trying to get and stay sober has greatly increased my overall well being. As I continue on this path of learning more about myself and drinking, I am taking the time to celebrate each baby step. For some, they were just done drinking. For me – and lots of other people – it’s a longer journey.

My reminder lesson to myself – keep creating new changes to combat the old patterns.