Vision Board


When I’m asked if I tried a vision board, I usually respond, “Only if I really want it to happen!” That sounds like a positive, but it can backfire. For example,

  • I was bored and wanted my life to change. I got fired.
  • I was dreaming big and wanted a new car. I had an accident & totalled my car.
  • I wanted a different body & went thru menopause.

As I’m trying on Word of the Year, I’m reminding myself to be precise on not just the concept, but the specifics. If I want to lose weight, I need to clearly write down the steps & goals. I don’t want to lose weight because of an illness.

I am planning to sell my house in the next year or two. My goal needs to be exactly what improvements need to happen instead of “New House”.

I’m excited to see the difference this will make (or maybe I’m just a control freak). Lol

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