Finally Change


In my Year of Change, there hadn’t apeared to be very much of it. I tried on lots of “changes” but nothing had created that big shift. But I’m finally started to feel it.

I started the year working on getting movement back in my life. I took a big plunge and filled half my yard with a garden. I stepped almost completely back from a relationship. My business moved in a direction I hadn’t anticipated and I ended up earning more praise than I knew what to do with. Two old friends came back into my life when they asked for my help with their businesses. I made new friends as well this year. My kids are talking about and working towards real jobs instead of marking time playing games.

These didn’t feel like much during the year, but looking back I can see why I’m only starting to feel the change now. They were subtle, slow changes.

But this month I have had a change that I feel. I took a big risk for me and did a fitness challenge with TeeTotally Fit. Alison had worked with me earlier in the year designing a very beginner version of stretches & daily movement. Then more strength movements were added. I gardened over the summer but was feeling a bit down with the early winter. Since it was my Year of Change I took a shot at this group.

It reminds me of how blogging used to be for me. Checking in daily, accountability and a plan. The exercises have been hard for me! But I just modify and get it done. I am feeling so much better in my body. ( I know – duh…)

I also finally got up the nerve to battle the health care system AGAIN and fight for an asthma maintenace inhaler. I found a doctor who listened to me and used all the right words with insurance and my almost ten year struggle to breathe easier may be over.

This morning as I did my exercises, my chest did not hurt. But my knees! Holy cow, I hadn’t been able to exercise long enough to know that my knees hurt! Now that I can breathe better I can work on strengthening those muscles.

Slow & subtle isn’t my personality, but my Year of Change sure was. I’m excited to start a new year with a stronger body, better work, good friends and adult children.

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