WOTY is Elusive


Just kidding!! I am so stumped this year.

I thought I had it with LESS. Because Less was going to lead to IMPOSSIBLE the next year.

Less stuff – getting ready to sell my house next year (Impossible!)

Less weight – leading to being done losing weight the next year.

Less alcohol – leading to no alcohol the next year.

Less attachments – leading to sell my business and move away from the area the next year.

Then I thought I was copping out and should shoot for IMPOSSIBLE this year! Then I was like, nope. I’m not there. (Plus senior year of high school for my youngest starts this year – not going to move just yet 😉

LESS feels like not trying. IMPOSSIBLE feels, well, impossible.

I thought maybe I should continue CHANGE since I really picked up momentum with that in December. But that’s not right either. I need a fresh new start.

Both words feel a little finite. They feel like a goal rather than an open ended process. Manifestation is such a hot buzzword currently. Maybe that’s why neither word is fitting. They feel like specific manifestations not a place of intention.

When I counsel clients on starting a new business I always (try) to get them to define their exit strategy. How will you know you have acheived your goal? I ask lots of “And then what?….” questions. I can usually tell if a business will succeed or fail based on those answers.

I am going through a time of asking myself these same questions about my life. I have lived in this town almost 25 years. It’s not my space. It is my exes hometown. I chose to raise our children here to stay close to him and his family. An exit strategy needs to happen for me.

I want to try new locations, eat new food, maybe find a partner, but not until my kid graduates. Dream? Prepare? In Limbo? I think this is the sticking point for 2020. A holding pattern.

I don’t want this year to be “just wait” until the kid graduates and I can “start” my new life.

2 thoughts on “WOTY is Elusive

  1. Hello,
    I really like your blog, tomorrow I’ll be 22 months sober as well 🙈 I dont have a WoTY either, I was thinking about ‘change’, but then change can be a bad things as well… I think I will settle on ‘slow’, as in enjoying the journey.
    Maybe it could be ‘exit-plan’, as you know, planning your exit? ☺️ Eve


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