And it begins…..


Staff training today and I’m ready. This year tax law didn’t change too much but how we interact with clients through our new appointment software has. My employees aren’t going to like it because it’s “change” but I love it!!

(I don’t have very many on staff anymore, but 2 out of 7 are home sick with pneumonia. Not good.)

For once, I didn’t try to do it all myself. In fact, even the remodeled bathroom is only half painted. I asked for a potluck today instead of trying to please everyone cooking or spending a lot on take out. I left the offices a mess because they like to clean & nest when they come back to work. Really!!

For the first time that I can remember I’m not stressed out. I’m not working for someone else like pre 2016. I’m not enraged by the delayed closing of the purchase of the offices on Dec 27, 2016 (and having to get legal involved.) I’m not dealing with water damage destroying all my equipment and relocation of an office that couldn’t open until Jan 23rd, 2017. I’m not trying to learn & teach tax law changes that literally would change overnight in 2018 (QBID you are a bear).

This year is like a breath of fresh air. Of course it will have its challenges, but I knew that this is how it’s supposed to feel. It’s why I kept going through those hard years, to get to the other side. Way at the beginning of my blog I was so sick. It’s taken a while but I’m healthier & happier than I’ve ever been.

January Challenge


Here are my monthly challenge goals. All very doable & small steps. This addresses one of my yearly goals of getting stuff DONE. The picture room (junk room) hasn’t been tackled in years. I’m getting Christmas put away today & will bring down a box at a time to sort on the dining room table. The shade at work has been neglected for at least 3 years.

Food, Exercise, Health

  • Plank for as long as I can daily & record it (so far my all time world record is 30 seconds)
  • Weigh myself once a week with a goal of losing 5#
  • Turn wine into water!!


  • I will bill my clients for my work timely.
  • I will ask for help.
  • I will order a shade for the front window.


  • Start seeds
  • ✔Read a book
  • Bake something


  • Get paperwork caught up
  • Start the picture room



I have not been pushing myself. Way too many poor me stories, cop outs and excuses. Even I am tired of listening to me. I challenge myself to …….

  • Not stop at good enough
  • Finish stuff dammit!!
  • Put more $$$ value on my work
  • Lift more weights
  • Do the fun stuff now, not next year or when I lose weight or have enough money or enough time or energy blah blah blah