January Challenge


Here are my monthly challenge goals. All very doable & small steps. This addresses one of my yearly goals of getting stuff DONE. The picture room (junk room) hasn’t been tackled in years. I’m getting Christmas put away today & will bring down a box at a time to sort on the dining room table. The shade at work has been neglected for at least 3 years.

Food, Exercise, Health

  • Plank for as long as I can daily & record it (so far my all time world record is 30 seconds)
  • Weigh myself once a week with a goal of losing 5#
  • Turn wine into water!!


  • I will bill my clients for my work timely.
  • I will ask for help.
  • I will order a shade for the front window.


  • Start seeds
  • ✔Read a book
  • Bake something


  • Get paperwork caught up
  • Start the picture room

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