Tuesday Modifications


I’m already regretting daily blogs! Lol In fact, I’m regretting a lot of my self promises, but for this week I will push myself.

My regular yoga instructor is zooming and offering us unlimited classes this month, so I’ve gotten to try different ways to do yoga. For every single pose or movement she shows a modification. Sometimes I take the nursing home class so it’s wheelchair yoga, there’s kid yoga, 5am HIIT yoga, bedtime yoga, meditation & mantra yoga, to name a few. “Make it your own” “Do what feels good” “This is your practice” are a few of her favorite lines. I can’t wait everyday to see what’s next.

Modification has become my new mantra.

I first got sick 6 weeks ago – before it was scary. I went to the doctor as normal. I have been to the doctor every week. Antibiotic (me in a mask), then antiviral (me & staff in masks), then prednisone & stronger asthma drugs (telehealth call, then another antibiotic (had to go to hospital & staff in full PPE). Because of my severe asthma complications I was put on a 12′ quarantine, so it was pretty pointless to see people. We just got our second case in our county, so it’s not big around here yet. They did a test even though I have not had the correct symptoms and as suspected, came back negative yesterday. Official diagnosis, regular respiratory flu with asthma complications & exhaustion from tax season. I can go back to normal 6′ distancing in 8 days.

When I first got sick I stayed in one office with my son as receptionist (his college job). I kept all my staff at the other. I saw no clients, I only worked on a drop off basis. The next week I had to see clients in both offices and my staff wouldn’t work with me because I was sick. This was right when things were changing. They thought it was funny to tell me to stay away. So, I let them all go. I own the business, I do the work that clients pay for. If I don’t get paid, I can’t pay the staff. By the end of that day, 12 million other owners had done the same thing. We put our friends and family (my own kid included) out of work. It has been hell emotionally. And obviously physically. I locked my office doors and have seen no clients, I work by digital or pick up & delivery drop off.

So, modification….How I stretch, how I do business, even how I no contact order groceries or visit the doctor, it all still works, just in ways I never thought to utilize. I’m leaning in to these new changes.

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