Wednesday Finally


That was two long emotional days. I shared here and on FB. I definitely feel lighter for writing out my frustrations. Now, I’m wondering why it was such a big deal to me! The power of sharing, even if no one reads it.

I have created a schedule for myself with room for 2 hours of movement a day. I’m up to an hour a day easily, this next hour will be a lifestyle adjustment so it will take several weeks to create a new habit. Through all the work and sickness I have changed my focus for the future. I’m investing in my health and happiness.

Alison from TeeTotally Fit is working with me on the harder exercises and the sober happy hour. For accountability I chose to blog.

2 thoughts on “Wednesday Finally

  1. I’m impressed.
    I have not found exercising or practicing yoga at home possible. I have the space and the time, but I do not have the mental capacity yet.
    I’m hoping that once the snow melts I will get into some gardening, etc and that prompts my physical fitness. I have absolutely gained weight, but mostly I don’t care and take it as a sign that I am fortunate to be able to work from home and feed myself.

    I never like change. I know I need time for acceptance.

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    • Let me know if you need seeds. They are hard to find and I have a bunch. Vegetables are as much fun as pets. My kids laugh because I talk to mine.

      It’s funny how life ebbs & flows, you are one of my inspirations for doing yoga and I still use your meditation book!!!

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