Got in another 5:30 am yoga. I could only do half of it but at 9:30 I did the chair yoga which is the same stretch/flow just modified and I got it done. As I sat on the edge of the bed and watched the pretzel poses at 5am, I kept picturing myself at the end of May when the session is over, being flexible enough to try them. And then I gave myself a what if – what if at 90, instead of being in the nursing home, (where she zooms chair yoga) what if I’m able to stay in my own home & garden & cut my own toenails & wipe my own butt, all because I continued doing yoga. Folks, that is appealing.

TeeTotally Fit coach Alison found a book 52 Lists for Calm, and thought of me and the joy I find in list making. So, I bought them all. And am doing all 4 at once. And it makes me happy.

Some of my other happy hour activities this week:

  • got my Overdrive (library app) restocked with books
  • did a coloring page
  • decluttered my closet
  • played yahtzee, kismet & triple yahtzee with my son.
  • planted seeds
  • napped in the sun during a zoom work meeting (oops – but best nap ever)

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