The weekend


Ugh, what a bust. I just couldn’t keep the good momentum going.

I don’t know if it helps that I know why. I acknowledged my fear and anxiety, I did some good self care, but in the end it took me down.

I have to go to the hospital for tests the next two days. One apt for my lungs and the other for a pelvic ultrasound & 2 biopsies. In a normal world these would feel more routine, but now it put me over the edge.

Also, in taking a break from work, I am now overwhelmed. I can barely face what I need to do. This is one I can’t ask for help with, I have not trained or hired anyone who could replace me. I just have to get back on this horse and ride.

I’m finding myself with the “If only… then I could….” excuses. That victim mentality is creeping in. Poor me…

This too shall pass….It’s so hard to have patience when I have troubled sleep. (And there it is – if only I could sleep, then I could handle stress) I’m cranky and my kids new line is “Are you watching the news & crying again?!” I truly don’t watch too much. First 10 minutes of the local & national news once a day.

And so begins another week of things I can’t control. So I will try not to over control the things I can.

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