A Good Weekend


Might not have felt great while I was in it, but from the perspective of a quiet, calm, sober Monday morning I will call the weekend a success.

I’m starting to get some proactive practices in place versus reactive. In the last two weeks I’ve done 16 yoga, garden or exercise sessions. I’ve stuck to a fairly consistent schedule. I started a new med that makes me sleepy so I’ve had excellent sleep.

From a positive reactive place, I’ve done some meditation when I had terrible racing thoughts. I ordered take out & a pop when I just couldn’t pull the morning together to make a lunch. I played yahtzee with my son while eating ice cream to avoid drinking. I ate a big meal to calm cravings. (No need to discuss the negative reactive actions!! Lol)

I cut waaayyy back on my to-do list at home. Just picking one thing that seems most urgent & doing it. Overall, a few things got accomplished, spent time outdoors with my quiet son and woke up with less racing thoughts than normal. That’s good.

One thought on “A Good Weekend

  1. As you practice calming your racing thoughts you will get better at it over time. I used to work myself into panic attacks and I went from that to living at peace almost every minute of every day. Just keep at it! The hardest part for me was recognizing the ramp up before I got to full racing… the earlier I caught it, the better I got at calming them.

    Good luck!


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