Puttering Along


Still doing some form of exercise a day and not being hard on myself is feeling pretty good these last couple weeks. Maybe, finally, grasping what “a lifestyle change” means. It’s more a series of small choices than an overhaul. It feels doable rather than overwhelming.

One of my new meds (an allergy med to relieve post nasal drip) makes me sleepy to the point that I’m yawning all day & my eyes get heavy when I drive. (Its once a day so i took it at night and slept great.) The last two nights I haven’t taken it and I was able to get out of bed before the sun came up which felt wonderful. I hate to miss a sunrise. Hopefully my sinuses are dried out so I can stay off of it, which was the long term goal anyways. I like the clear head feeling this morning!

Most of my garden is planted and my bird feeders are full. The neighbor saw 5 Orioles at once yesterday. The orange color is just brilliant. I wish I could watch the birds more often myself, but my neighbors are retired and it’s really for them. They can’t afford the seed anymore so I put the feeders where we both can watch. And everyday he peeks at the garden – he loves walking around it and guessing what I’ve planted.

3 thoughts on “Puttering Along

  1. I do use the nasal spray. The Dr had me switch to rhinocort because I was getting nosebleeds with flonase. I did the allergy tests and I’m allergic to nothing!! I had to do the allergy tab to finish clearing out old sinus infection. I didn’t take the tab last night again and woke up great this morning! Yah!

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