A Shocking Third Night


Three nights in a row has only happened twice this summer. Then I feel happy & celebrate 😂. Lol (Or I’m so miserable from lack of good sleep.) I started getting ready for bed before supper – thereby messing with the routine. I washed my face and did my undereye mask and The Home Edit. Then it just flowed from there. I got on all my fun creams & lotions and crawled into bed around 8:30. The last few nights I have been watching movies in bed. Highly rare for me. (On the Basis of Sex is amazing btw.) Since everyday is basically a stay-cation I figured I may as well act like it!

Every Sunday with masks we are allowed to visit outside with my kids grandparents. (My ex-in-laws) It’s a good reminder to not smoke & drink. Folks 15 years older than me in the nursing home lock up because of poor health choices.

Sunday has been a day I laughingly call Lori Love. A no-guilt pampering day. Yesterday was a good one.

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