Cake Week Self Challenge!


It was a 4 page long recipe. (Rose Levy Beranbaum – Heavenly Cakes) I cooked all day postponing my own #GBBOcakeweek challenge to the last. Caramel Apple Upside Down Cake.

Very seldom do I need to do more than glance at a recipe. Even when baking. So this pushed me to slow down. Cake is something I rarely make from scratch. It’s an entirely different experience – yet it is still mix it up & pour it in a pan. The combination of egg whites, sour cream & butter along with silky cake flour & leavening was a brilliant white, almost crumbless cake. Dense like a pound cake but light like an angel food at the same time!

Sadly I used two old apples. When I planned the cake I thought they were fresher! I also didn’t use bourbon in the whipped cream topping but I can see where tart apples & a smokey hint would be nice. (I don’t need to buy $40 bourbon to add 1T for 8 servings – lol.)

I brought out to my farmer friend (who had been canning pickles all day!) – potato casserole, ham, macaroni salad, overnight fruit salad (like 7 layer but with fruit!), Greek salad, cashew tuna hotdish, rolls (I made tortellini soup too but kept it home.) This is what I call PROCRASTINATION!

I’ve said it before, but I love cooking and hate drinking while cooking. So I didn’t drink and I cooked. I stocked my fridge with meals for the week and shared meals. I can’t wait for next weeks show to see what my next personal challenge will be!

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