October Challenges Review


C+ I modified the daily Fall In Love with Yourself PHOTO challenge and did it JOURNAL style. But I did it.

I started strong with my GBBO baking challenge but mostly just reorganised my pantry.

My get ready for the holidays challenge didn’t even exist. I finally pulled out my Halloween decorations on Oct 31. I had plenty of real homegrown pumpkins so getting out fake ones seemed silly. I do Halloween & Thanksgiving decorations in the same box so the turkeys can get put out today!

We had a huge work curveball thrown at us at our yearly convention (virtual this year). I have to double my training to continue to offer some of my special services. That was a mental challenge!!!

I also have a client that, due to the extended tax season, I am behind in their books. She is down an office girl, so I am actually going to “get a job” two days a week. I am so burned out at my own business that I hired my own staff back early to do my job! It will honestly be a nice change of pace to do something different for 6 weeks.

My November Challenge for myself is WWABPWIPD? What would a business person who is prepared do? Some of the pieces of that are: (for both my business & hers)

  • Getting staff contracts ready
  • Job manuals
  • Payroll & benefit plans updated
  • Getting paperwork organised digitally
  • Training & CE’s done & an accounting plan for all staff
  • Bank reconciliation & loan balances updated in software