2021 WOTY – Believe


I am super early on word of the year! As Challenge was my last year’s WOTY, I am proud to say I am on my last challenge & truly kicking butt. I set out the year “challenging myself” and it has morphed into “doing challenges”. I’ve done baking, gardening, exercise, taking classes – so many new things!

What I had thought was going to be a “tough” year of personal challenges has turned into a year of joy!! Because of zoom, so many opportunities have presented themselves to me that I have dreamed of but wouldn’t have been able to attend due to travel. I’m meeting people across my state and across the country who share my passions. I even connected with a couple of my favorite cookbook authors – one who was a judge on Chopped!

And locally I have deepened friendships by sharing better on the phone & thru social media. I invited a girlfriend to take the Master Gardener class with me and we found a person we had never met before in our small town was taking it too!

With so many opportunities opening up for me I’m ready to take the next step and BELIEVE in myself.

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