Must like to drink


The premise of day 3 is that we must like to drink. And then she sets out to show how that isn’t true.

I kept 2 things from yesterday. Grape juice during the news & some pampering, which was just washing my face & putting on lotion. I tried to add a third thing but my eyes were just too tired.

I am so miserable tired by supper. So, I am definitely trying to get rid of that feeling. Hmmm…Maybe tired isn’t a “feeling”. Like happy, sad, angry, lonely. It’s more physical discomfort – like hungry, thirsty, hot, cold.

Around that time of day I can definitely say I am PHYSICALLY UNCOMFORTABLE. I am hungry, cold, tired. Then when I drink I perk up, I warm up & since I am too tired to make dinner, I snack.

I’m going to put some thought into this today. Maybe try some all day long things – like eating timely & drinking water. Doing some movement during the 6 hours of meetings today. Maybe doing some movement during the news to warm up.

Interesting thoughts.

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