This was an easy one I learned long ago. Sleep is better without alcohol. Yup.

I’ve had some thoughts around blood pressure and low blood sugar. The word coming to mind is Repair. I was wondering just exactly how sick I would have to be to give up alcohol in a heartbeat.

Yesterday I did not do as well as I’d hoped. I did keep to my eating & water drinking schedule which definitely helped, but six hours of zoom meetings was butt numbing. It was resentful feelings that got me yesterday. Only two hours of meetings today.

My goal for today is to dig out the blood pressure cuff.

9 thoughts on “Sleep

  1. My ex had high blood pressure. When he quit drinking it went down and was normal ever since.

    I think back of all my own health issues. So many were made worse, or masked, by alcohol and regular Advil intake.

    Keep moving forward!


  2. Hi, Lori. I’ve been following your blog for 5 years and I’m curious about your goals: is there a specific reason you don’t want to commit to quit drinking altogether? Not judging because it sounds like you have your life together and you are managing self care in many areas. I see that clinging to the idea of being able to drink normally is holding a lot of people back in ways that they don’t even realize until they quit. Food for thought! Hope you and boys have a lovely Xmas!


    • I know right! I listened to your Bubble Hour talk over & over. I heard you. I had a good foundation of sober for a while and then met a guy. I guess that won out over sober. I think that is a little (maybe big) part of my issue. Please keep asking these questions of me!! I get tired of my BS too! Lol


      • Hahah! You are such a good sport! I hope you will consider the fact that you can be AF while your partner drinks, assuming he is a normie. Does he know you were sober and maybe want to be again? Does he know what it means to you? I see sobriety as the breakthrough of my life, where line between “maybe I can” and “fuck yah I can do that shit!” was crossed. You are already killing it. If stopping drinking is the hardest thing you have to do, can you imagine the confidence you’ll throw at the rest of your life?
        Foods for thought!


      • I am actually not trying to moderate. I would prefer to not drink at all, which is easy except for those couple hours when I lose it. That’s one of the things I connected with in you. The isolating, wine & tv. That nightly check out. I have to change that routine. I keep trying all kinds of things, small steps in the right direction, but the minute I try, that addiction fights back hard.

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