The Little Happy Things


When I hired a trainer I had a goal. Two-ish years later I can finally articulate what I need. And that is to not have a goal. There isn’t an end. I learned exercise isn’t a way to get somewhere for me. It’s become a necessary investment in my heath and I WANT to do it because it makes me happy.

Who meditates over a thousand minutes in 7 months? Well, I kind of do! I love my meditation app, especially for sleep, so all the “meditation minutes” are not actually awake minutes! I started the sessions on Cravings. I know that one is helping. And it’s not part of the sleep section so I’m awake for it! Lol

Blogging and doing challenges not focused on sobriety got me out of my head and I found some amazing things that made me happy. (Or rather, I did more of the things I love more often.)

Now, here’s a surprise, drinking doesn’t make me happy. Haha – I know this and I don’t. Knowing it (cuz I’m a smart person) and BELIEVING it down to the smallest wrinkle in my brain are not the same. And since my WOTY is BELIEVE, I need to BELIEVE that not drinking makes me happy.

How did I get to happy feelings about exercise, blogging, challenges & meditation? I did them, without a goal, for the simple reason that just engaging in the behavior brings very tiny changes that add up over time.

Im going to slowly invest, one day at a time, in not drinking as one more choice in my life that doesn’t need a goal, but builds up increased moments of happiness.

Lori, Day 2

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