Word of the Year 2015 – Create


January – Home Creative

  • New bedrooms – beds, comforters & sheets, J (15) took my queen – he is getting tall! I got a full. A(12) got a full. He had wrecked his twin bed – older than him – from too much jumping 🙂
  • Went shopping at home. Put all my stuff in the dining room and then “shopped”. Found in a closet a set of 5 sheers for the front room that are dark RED! Very inspiring for writing and so warm in the evening when the sun shines through in the below zero winter.
  • Febreezed a stinky couch from the dog. The went crazy and Febreezed almost everything! Even J, with his autism, liked the smell.
  • Cleaned out an old beat up cedar chest I had used for a coffee table. It was loaded with sheets and blankets. It was so heavy to move around. Donating everything including the chest. It was so heavy to move and always vacuumed around it. What a wonderful open space in the room and lightness in so many ways.
  • Found bright raspberry bath rugs on clearance. Donating the ugly old thing that was in there.
  • Hung two pieced of art where they should be – not where there was just a convenient nail hole. That took 12 years. Good grief!
  • Our big thing was repairing the couch. It took all three of us with tools but we did it!! We were going to carry it out the front door and put free on it. A was using the hammer and J thought it looked like fun. What a great moment, being able to give my boys some life skills and some pride in a good job.

 February. – More Home Stuff

  • Cleaned out a few drawers and moved all my scrapbooking/photo stuff to one area of the house. Too much overtime to do much else.

March – August

  • On a complete KonMari kick. Huge changes in the house tidying.
  • The yard projects are started finally.
  • Slowly transitioning to buying less pre made food. Baking my own bread & snacks.
  • Attended a Y12SR recovery/AA meeting. Life changing.
  • Creating my own home yoga practice.
  • Walking, yoga & Weight Watchers.
  • New haircut.
  • Let the cleaning lady go & we are cleaning the house ourselves.
  • Back to attending church weekly.
  • Lots of bright new yoga/walking outfits. The all black wardrobe is slowly evolving.
  • Amazing sleep and finally a consistent schedule. Lots of extra time not spent drinking & hungover and I feel more energetic with less to get done. The overwhelm feeling is gone. Well, it twinges, but I can easily breathe through it.
  • Not taking IB’s for hangovers every day, I have discovered that I am a little arthritic. The yoga has almost eradicated the stiffness from, what I used to call, my bad hip. I feel great!

Sept – Dec

  • Worked very hard on creating a new internal dialogue. Took lots of classes on self-care, meditation and yoga.
  • Found on online Yoga Recovery meeting
  • My home has stayed in a good balance of neatness and LESS.
  • Church, yoga etc.have fallen off as crisis has increased. Creating softer guidelines for self-care.

One thought on “Word of the Year 2015 – Create

  1. Nowinewino !

    I liked reading this ! I identified with that feeling of coming alive and doing some useful things instead of being stuck in a useless spiral !
    As long as we stay mindful and grateful ! We can do this ! I like your posts because I identify with you holding together a job and a family but not really living ! And now it’s all coming together for you and it’s inspiring to me !

    Liked by 2 people

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