The End is Near…


Crazy busy end of tax season!

This is the first tax season where I am content and not exhausted at the end. I have a new walking buddy arranged as soon as school is out. I have another new friend who gardens. I see why women have girlfriends. I’ve never had many and this is a fun change.

I have quite a few seeds started for my garden and can’t wait to get digging. My new lawn chairs arrived yesterday. My side tables are covered with seed catalogs and gardening magazines.

I’ve worked the last three months with Alison at TeeTotallyFit and am going to start my next three months after these final 11 days of work. It hasn’t been easy trying to do this while working but I’m getting the excuses worked out that keep me from not drinking and not getting off my butt!! I’m feeling more at peace and am looking forward to making more changes.

My Year of Change is slow, but I’m loving the overall happiness it’s bringing.