Day 25 to Stillness


As I did the mantra for today’s exercise I recognized the same words reflected in Louise Hay’s FB post.  Coincidence? I think not!

I’m in the battle trenches of negotiations to buy two tax offices from my friend/boss. As I negotiate for my best interests I try to remember that I care for this woman and know she is negotiating for her own best interests. The advice from others is forget friendship, it’s business. But that feels wrong in some way. It’s about achieving two happy futures. That feels like good business.

Day 26 to Stillness


My 17 year old was in the room so we did the daily meditation together. When we were done I asked how he felt. He said, fine, it is just meditation. I realized that the bits of time over the past year or two that I have involved my kids, that I have given them a skill. Meditation is easy, relaxing and not weird. It is a good thing. I hope they bring this skill to their families some day. 

Day 27 to Stillness


I’m learning that I don’t need to meditate in the morning. I love to, but I don’t need it then. I’ve been meditating in the afternoon BEFORE things ramp up. It has made a big difference.

28 Days to Stillness


I gardened all day today. Left the phones in the car and took a day off from the world at the farm. Ordered pizza & had a banana malt. Stayed in the moment and knew in my heart no matter where we live, I have created a wonderful family. The rest is stuff. Boyfriend & I haven’t spent much time together this week and it was nice to just be around each other but doing different things. Kids & I spent 11 hours there working, though I snuck home twice (we only live 4 miles apart) to shower & meditate, then went to the library. I let the future stay in the future and have a calmness that all will be well. 

29 Days to Stillness


Peace is in the marrow of my bones. When I meditate I can feel it there. I also recognized that I am holding tons of stress in my ankles & toes. Usually I am a shoulder & hip stress girl. 

After meditating yesterday, listing my house and a good nights sleep I wrote a very angry letter to my boss. And then I got a very quick response back that she will finish what she started an entire year ago and will get me the contract to buy the offices. I had absolutely reached my breaking point.

Then I got an email from my mom’s best friend telling me what a strong independent woman I am and that she is proud of me for making a good financial decision to sell my house.

Wow! I knew when I started this book my life would change in 30 days and I’m rocking these first couple! 

My son also took a chance and cut off at least 6 inches of curls. After 3 years of the same style he said while she was cutting ” Wow – I’ve never felt water on my scalp.” Haha – it’s true he had a mass of hair. As he’s turning 17 in a couple weeks he definitely looks like a man now. 

Day 30 to Stillness


Quick post…Am doing Anne’s book because I put my house on the market today and I AM NOT AT PEACE & STILLNESS. I have taken a huge risk financially this summer and it is not working so I have to sell my home. My Year of Yes has been good to me so far, so I’m counting on this fact to carry me through this hard time. 

So here’s to saying YES to selling my house with Stillness & Peace.