Defending My Self-Care


I was challenged by my friend yesterday with the old question of “Why don’t you just…” Hmmm… Why don’t I stay up a little later at night? Why don’t I just eat a quick frozen pizza? Why don’t I have just one drink? Why don’t I make my kids do….?

Because it doesn’t make me feel good LATER.

Self-care is not just about feeling good right now.

I’m beginning to understand this long term effect of my choices. When I was actively drinking it was all about THIS moment RIGHT NOW. Getting through one day, one hour, one minute at a time. Getting a bit of sober time has helped me realize that drinking was making me feel bad, NOT I feel bad and now I need a drink.

Over time, the good healthy feelings were what I longed for. More & better sleep, healthy food (didn’t need heavy grease to soak up a hangover) and the ability to say no to my winey/whiney self. I went from I Need This Wine to I need To NOT have this wine because it FEELS BETTER.

So, when asked “Why don’t I just….” it made me smile when I answered with “I know what feels good for me.” Wow! I started this blog to work on rewards and treats to discover what makes me feel good and NOW I KNOW!

How cool is that!