Day 3 of Quiet – haha


I spent the entire day in the kitchen. I made bread – white, apple walnut & whole grain flax English muffins. And then it was 8 am. 

Thankfully there was church in the morning and I socialized a bit and for once, sang fairly loud since it was crowded. I ended up humming hymns for the afternoon.

I made bacon, put a ham in the crock pot, chopped and froze garden peppers for the winter, chopped garden cucumbers, canned jalapenos and all the while listened to podcasts. (My current favorite is Yoga Church.) 

I meditated when my brain got crazy and walked on the treadmill to get rid of some extra energy. 

By 3 – I got dinner started, bacon brown sugar green beans from the garden, salad, homemade Mac & cheese and chocolate chip cookies. And more podcasts! 

Went to the farm to share dinner and was in bed at 8. 

This is a big difference than my old drinking life. Waking up hungover, skipping church. Still cooking, but only for necessity. Napping, and finally just giving in to the wine by 3. Don’t remember getting to bed and waking up to another hangover on Monday. 

The sober me, cooks food for the future, turns off the racing thoughts with exercise, meditation, socializing, music, reading, podcasts, blogging, gardening, whatever it takes! 

One of my biggest reasons for drinking was to slow down,  can you tell?   Balancing the crazy and calm. Crazy usually won and the ONLY tool I exercised was the alcohol one.

I watch my kids stay stable. They aren’t driven to hyper. At their age I was going a hundred miles an hour or reading. I didn’t know how to do well, what they do VERY well, be alone. Alone in body and thought. 

I love the feel of the energy for a while, but it gets overwhelming. This was a good lesson learned from my quiet weekend. 

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