Another Day Another Nickel Bwahaahaa


We still quote SpongeBob around here.

I went to bed last night at 730. I got tired of watching families on social media. I got up around 10 and had some toast. Woke up to the dog puking at 330. My dog gets super excited for Christmas.

I was careful yesterday to keep my thoughts in check and didn’t get the urge to race out & get alcohol. The breathing techniques really help me.

Today was supposed to be a trainer day on a (non)Christmas Friday, so I went ahead & put together some exercises that made me feel good as an investment in my day. I had done some early, post dog puke, meditation already and I added a couple more little treats, long shower, cappuccino kind of stuff.

I’m glad I did.

I had read a nifty little passage in a book on willpower this morning about athletes & fatigue. Our bodies will sometimes create fatigue to protect us. (This was a women trying to finish the last few miles of an ironman.) It spoke of creating the WANT at the end. Pushing past either the physical or the mental fatigue to get what you want.

I have felt that fatigue even doing the tiny little workouts I do. No, it’s not my body actually being tired but my brain sure is telling me I’m fatigued. The consistency of 3X week for 20 minutes has taught me to get past the “thought” of fatigue. The WANT at the end of my exercise has been to increase my mobility, and wow has it helped!

For drinking, I just want to stop fighting the craving so I give in. I haven’t been able to learn that craving feeling is something I can actually push past. I’ve been afraid of how powerful it has gotten.

I have been feeling it today and I’m so glad I started my day from a place of strength. I’m (blogging-duh) and am going to do some more movement & another class of the craving meditation pack. (I’m on Level 2!!) AND I have at least four of you that are in my cell that I can call or text if I need it.

Lori, Day 3 if counting, or Another Day, Another Nickel – just keep showing up.

5 thoughts on “Another Day Another Nickel Bwahaahaa

  1. Hug
    Craving is a complicated thing. Less about pushing past, high feels like anxiety and obsession. More allowing to pass, or being ok that it’s there.

    I’m always on messenger too!

    Take care and merry Christmas


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