Day 8 is not so great


I have a 7 year old giant black labradoodle.  Yesterday kids and dog started opening gifts at 4:59 am – done at 5:28. The dog unwraps his own gifts & tries to help open all the rest. All were cranked up and crazy.

By 7:30 pm we were all in bed. Dog starts puking at midnight. In my bedroom. Giant dog, giant puke. He’s worse than the kids for excitement.

I feel sick myself this morning from lack of sleep. My farm tax clients are calling trying to figure out their end of the year purchases. As usual, my kids dad didn’t invite them to the family Christmas. He has a new family now.

Lots of crap, nothing major. Didn’t drink yesterday only because I didn’t want to put on a bra and go to the store.  Since I’m working from home, no bra yet today either. Hopefully that will keep me not drinking today too 🙂

* sleep is better but not great yet

4 thoughts on “Day 8 is not so great

  1. cheryl

    wow- what a drag. but still- you did not drink yesterday. no matter the reason. keep that bra off and hang in there! i am day 6 and i am teetering already. yesterday was easy- my hubby and i alone and he went in to work OT last night at 8p so he could not have drank if he had wanted to do so. but today we are going to see his dad for the first time in the nursing facility that he was just put into about 10 days ago. i know afterwards that my hubby will want to hit a bar/restaurant and have a cocktail. i hope i can say no… as this say. this too shall pass


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