Day 17 – Anxiety


I just finished Belle’s Podcast #38 – Overwhelm. The concept that took my breathe away basically was – you are so used to pushing through the day with a hangover, you do not have to push that hard to get through the day anymore. It is too much and it is okay to not push so hard anymore.

I start back to work and the kids go back to school Monday. I think my 12 year old had a total of two showers. My 15 year old showered but put his robe back on most days. I think I wore a bra only about 3 times when I had to leave the house. It was stretch pants & sweatshirts. We were on an extreme mental health break.

I’m getting anxious how I will handle working 10 hour days again. I need to plot and plan some protection for myself.

  1. Do not go to grocery store after work!!! Get take out. Everyday after work I would stop in and get a bottle or box of wine. Take out cannot be more expensive than drinking. I menu plan for the week but if I stay home on my one day off amd not go to the grocery store it messes up the plan. I need to work on some emergency startegies, like sending the kids to the local grocery after school for a couple things or letting the pizza place deliver or picking up some menus and pre-deciding an emergency order. When I am hungry I make poor decisions!
  2. That horrible craving hour after work. Get a substitute drink. Create a new transition activity.  Exercise doesn’t work well for me at that time. Kids and dog all need my attention. I did pick up a book on tape at the library. Maybe figure out how to listen to Bubble Hour on the ride home?
  3. Plan my treats and rewards and get them scheduled. Going out of the office for lunch with a variety of friends and places. Finding a unique place to eat my lunch out of the office. Bring a book and eat out alone. Plan a themed potluck with all the staff to give us an hour of silly. Watch a movie 30 minutes a day on the laptop with headphones, in the back room, with my coat over my head and eat popcorn, if I can’t leave the office. 

Treat thoughts:

  • Go to bed early tonight and read
  • Clip my nails short and paint them a bright energetic color
  • Wash my winter coat and hang up my pretty scarves on the hooks by the door and grab a different one each day.

2 thoughts on “Day 17 – Anxiety

  1. You can download the bubble hour podcasts to your iphone or ipad (if you have one).
    Doing a short meditation at lunch reslly soothes me. I use tge headspace app. I also stretch abd do a few yoga poses. My office laughs. That’s ok!
    Great planning.

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  2. I need to listen to a few podcasts. I never listened to one. But I do agree that pushing through a day without a hangover requires so much less effort. 🙂
    I loved your idea about a different scarf everyday. I need to do that!


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