Another Week Went By


That went fast! I finally got back to my normal summer routine, work Mon & Tues 9-3 and have the office phones forwarded to my cell. One new perk is being able to work from home. Clients can sign & pay online so I was able to get a few more returns wrapped up without having to drive in to the office. Win for them & me, especially when I’m waiting on just one little thing.

I’m feeling amazing! The new meds are great. Emotionally this week, I was super gentle on myself. This was my time to relax & rest and I did. Planted a couple fruit trees and my son found buried treasure – an old spoon and an army man – while digging the holes. Played some candy crush & spider solitaire and cooked a lot of frozen pizza. I didn’t write any to-do lists.

I did yoga class everyday, sometimes twice a day. Got a couple meditations done and I no longer need naps to get through the day. Finally ordered some groceries (ran out of pizza) and dark chocolate treats for myself.

I’ve spent a lot of time thinking about the future of my business. Do I need two brick & mortar buildings? How many staff? How will clients feel if I do another year of drop off? Can I handle the extra burden if I only re-hire half my staff? They are good thoughts, not OMG what will I do?! thoughts. I can lead the change or I can react.

I want to lead, both in business and in my health. After all, this is my Year of Change. It feels uncomfortable so I know I’m pushing the right buttons.

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