A Gooder Week


I feel great! Which is almost always a recipe for disaster. By Wednesday night I had accomplished all I wanted. I started thinking of how nice it would be to celebrate with a glass of wine. So…..Thursday I spent the day in bed watching a live webinar alternately napping and trying to keep food down.

Thankfully I was able to stop that shit show and get back on track. Feeling great again and so excited for the weekend I woke up at 2. I really need to try to go to bed later than 8! I have lots of organizing plans but nothing emergency so I’m looking forward to crossing some fun stuff off my list.

At my Master Gardener class we were asked what we love about fall. My answer was GETTING ON A SCHEDULE. crickets I mean we were studying bugs that class but no cozy blankets or pumpkin lattes, I want a schedule.

I took a break from list making, menu planning, chore charts, rewards lists, bullet journals and e-organizers. BUT I’M SO READY TO GET BACK TO SOME STRUCTURE.

My newest guilty pleasure is watching TV in bed. That has helped my sober evenings. Last night was GBBO Cake Week. I’m doing caramel apple upside down cake from Rose’s Heavenly Cakes in honor of cake week. Also coming this week are three new cookbooks & The Hone Edit books.

And yes I will post pictures!

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